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Task 1

Develop and extend critical and creative thinking skills

Certificate III in Media

1.3 sort through information and ideas to identify the central questions, issues and challenges.

This unit applies to individuals who need to develop and extend their critical and creative thinking skills.

Creative thinking involves looking at things differently, musing, testing, experimenting and challenging existing thought patterns.

Creative thinking can take place anywhere – at home, at work, lying in bed at night, in the shower or on the bus. It can be applied to any type of issue or situation. When used effectively it can assist with the improvement of existing, or the development of entirely new or innovative services, products or processes. Sometimes creative thinking may pay off in a seemingly unconnected way at a future time and in an apparently unrelated context.

Creative thinking can be learnt and applied through thoughtful application of skills related to observation, analysis, reflection, problem solving, evaluation and critical appraisal.

Effective use of creative thinking skills opens up new opportunities for individuals, businesses and communities.


Task modules Tools
Software Photoshop
Exercise Photo manipulation
Process Documentation on step-by-step
Verbal Ask questions


This exercise will involve photo manipulation in Photoshop.  The photos are provided that have been downloaded from the Internet.  Usually when using images from anywhere copyright and legislation can come into question however as we are using this for educational purposes and not using it to promote, or gain profit it should not be an issue.





Word Document Task 1

These images are large images so they wont pixelate when we are working on them in Photoshop.  You will find a male and a female image, pick the one you want.   Open the photo on the first layer in Photoshop.  The second image is of wings, take the wings and place them into a second layer in Photoshop.

Turn your steps into a Tutorial

Print screens will help you develop your tutorial.  Show pictures of the steps you used, to go through how to put wings on your male or your female.


Tutorials on your steps with print screens and captions.

Step 1 – Open Photoshop going to the header menu, press file, then new.


Tick off all requirements:

Did you use Photoshop?
Did you manipulate a photo?
Did you show a step by step print screen layout?
Did you plan how you would layout your tutorial?
Did you do some sketches or notes to show outcomes?
Did you ask questions?

Once you have finished save your tutorial to your usb, student ‘Y’ drive and send a copy to steve@crystalcrayons.com.au