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Task 1

CUSOHS301A Follow occupational health and safety procedures (Core)

Task 1

To complete this task, you will be divided into groups of 4 by your teacher.  As a group, you are to prepare responses to the following and present them to your teacher in the form of a group meeting to demonstrate you understand the importance of occupational health and safety in the work place.

  1. Find out where each of the fire extinguishers are in the AICM building and be able to describe their position to your group members.
  2. Without releasing any of the contents of the extinguisher, explain and demonstrate how you would use the fire extinguishers available in the buidling.
  3. Describe how you would you would respond to a fire emergency you discovered in the CCDA building.   That should include advising the emergency services and helping people out of the building and to the assembly point.
  4. With a partner, demonstrate how you would lift and move the CCDAS’s bass amplifier (> 20kg).
  5. Demonstrate how you would lift and move one of the CCDA’s monitors and computers.
  6. Find a piece of electrical equipment in the CCDA and check on the currency of its tag.
  7. As an employee/trainee/student, what rules should apply to the use of alcohol in the work place?
  8. Explain briefly the CCDA’s bullying policy.
  9. What safety sinage is evident in the CCDA building?

Task 2

Where possible, the student is to answer each of the following questions in complete sentences.

Element 1 – Follow safe work practices
Question 1.1:

  • What does the legislation that governs workplace practices require all organisations involved in the entertainment to do (4 points required)?

Question 1.2:

  • Describe the following:
    • Risk assessment
    • Safety induction
    • An MSDS

Question 1.3:

  • List five points you would observe prior to using leads or cables in the entertainment industry.
  • List four points you would address prior to using a ladder to install song lighting.

Question 1.4:

  • What does the law say about safety signs in the workplace?
  • Name three safety signs that you are likely to see in the entertainment industry workplaces.

Question 1.5:

  • In the workplace both the employer, the employee and a self-employed person have a duty of care to all people on the work site. Write three points that describe the role of each.

Question 1.6:

  • Effective communication and consultation will reduce the risk of damage to the working environment and to those involved. – True or False and explain your answer.
Element 2 – Maintain personal safety standards
Question 2.1:

  • Repeated exposure to high sound levels can cause irreversible hearing damage. Write a paragraph that explains the significance of the use of hearing protection in the entertainment industry and how you may address the requirements.

Question 2.2:

  • Many workers in the entertainment industry rely on their voice to make their living. What might employees and employers do to ensure that vocal strain or fatigue occurs?

Question 2.3:

  • Write a paragraph that explains how you would lift an amplifier that is suitable to be lifted by an individual.

Question 2.4:

  • Explain how good house keeping might help maintain a hazard free work environment.

Question 2.5:

  • Find the website for the following organisations on the internet:
    • Australian Entertainment Industry Association (AEIA)
    • Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)
  • Find the website of the government department in your state that is responsible for OHS.
  • Australian Safety and Compensation Council
Element 3 – Assess risks
Question 3.1:

  • The main purpose of reporting an incident or hazard is to identify and eliminate the risks associated with the incident or hazard and prevent it from re-occurring. List 8 points that support that statement:

Question 3.2:

  • In a situation where a risk cannot be eliminated, What series of 5 steps would you take to reduce the risk associated with a specific activity?

Question 3.3:

  • What emergency information and procedures should you be aware of in order to manage risk in your workplace?

Question 3.4:

  • Why is it important to submit an accident/incident report as soon as possible after an accident/incident has occurred?

Question 3.5:

  • To whom should you report any breaches of health, safety and security procedures?
Element 4 – Follow emergency procedures
Question 4.1:

  • When reporting an emergency or incident to an authority, what 4 things should you be clear about?

Question 4.2:

  • Make a list of any special skills you may have or any training you have completed that will be of assistance when dealing with an emergency.

Question 4.3:

  • From whom might you be able to gain assistance should you be in a situation where you have to deal with a serious emergency.

Question 4.4:

  • Research the availability of training facilities for first aid etc in your community and note the organisations which offer that training.

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